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    So of course I am trying to re-build my credit, all scores in low 500’s – OUCH!!! I did a DV on a CA, and sent a GW email to Chase.* Both validated & verified*everything (Chase gave me info on every stinking account, that I didn’t even ask about :smileyindifferent:).* One account from 2005 DOLA 2010 (do not have DOFD on hand) balance owed $1916.* This account is with a CA, they sent the same package Chase sent, signed app, statements, and asked for me to contact them to make arrangements, which I have not done yet (letter dated this month).* They are not reporting to CRA – thank goodness, and I hope to keep it that way.
    So I’m thinking of writing to the CA, since they did not make a formal offer, but just*not sure what I should say.* I’m paying off other debt in full, so I would have to make payment arrangemets, and if I do make payments not sure I should take a settlement or PIF, and then if PIF see if Chase will grant me a GW on a deletion.* Sigh…* I also want to insure the CA does not start reporting.* They did a hard pull last month, and started calling, hence why i DV’d.
    I also emailed Chase asking them how they will report the CO once PIF or settlement, waiting on a response back.
    So my main question, how should I proceed with the CA in writing a letter?

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