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    I have a judgment on my credit from CACH (BoA card) 2008 for $5000. They say I have $1800 left to pay on it, but my credit report says I have $800 left. I argued with them a while back about sending me their records about why they say I owe $1000 more than my credit report. After a month, they sent me a statement that makes no sense. I figure it out at $800 as well, according to that. About a week after that, they sent me an offer to settle for $1400. The biggest problem I have is that I was never actually informed of a court date. The date they got the judgment against me, I was blissfully unaware of it as I was in a different courtroom THE SAME EXACT DAY for my divorce!!!! I’d received other paperwork before that, just never court date information. So I guess my question is: what should I do about this? I’d love to be able to vacate it. I’m in North Carolina, btw, which, if I understand correctly, I can make a motion to vacate after it’s satisfied. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks, y’all!

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