I feel really bad that my grandparents gives me money everyday?

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    Alright, ready? okay so I live with my grandparents, not because of family issues or anything just because my grandparents are very wealthy and they live in a big house and I couldn’t live with my mom because she lives in a two bedroom apartment (my mom is well off) my sister lives with my mom my sister works also and is about to move out when she moves out I’m moving in with my mom. anyways, in the meantime I live with my grandparents who has always been there for my WHOLE family always!! I live with them and for school my grandmother gives me 10$ everyday I feel so bad I don’t have a job because it will interfere with my school junior year is the most important year of high school and hardest. I told her “grandme you don’t have to give me 10 dollars everyday I’m fine” and she said “it’s just money”. how can I pay her back by doing something, I already get good grades but what can I do to show I appreciate what my grandparents do for me? I feel SO BAD OMG HELP!!! thanks

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