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      I am in college and have $3700 debt accumulated on a credit card.

      I don’t plan to add any more to this number. My minimum payments with finance charge included is about $80 a month which I can sort of manage.

      I want out of debt though!!!! I can’t work full time to pay it off because of classes, and I’ve gotta eat with what cash I have.

      If I told my parents they’d murder me, so no possible bailout from them.

      Any tips? short of selling a kidney?

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      Why would your parents kill you cause you owe $3700 on a credit card?

      I know people who owe much more than that.

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      If you are only trying to pay off one card it’s easier. Make sure to look at your interest rates to see that your minimum payment will actually start paying off your principle balance. If your interest rate is really high, you can contact your credit card company. Let them know your situation and ask if they are willing to lower the rate or lower the minimum payment. After knowing what your true minimum payment is, make yourself a VERY strict budget, and stick to it!

      Be very careful with companies that offer to consolidate your debt or work with your creditors for lower payments or interest rates. Read the fine print!!

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      part time job, cut down on luxuries, and start eating foods that are $5 a meal or less. oh and pay as much as u can not just the minimum. the bill will disappear faster and u wont be charged as much for interest

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      well a nice shirt formal and black skirt or trousers..good luck !!

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      Dont get casual. No denim and rubber shoes and sunglasses. Wear a descent clothes that your interviewer will catch your attention. Remember, you are not alone to be interviewed. The best will be chosen, so be on your best, is that ok, man?

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      The safe way to go is a suit- not the wedding suit- but a nice black or blue suit with a subtle tie( if your a guy) is a sure bet-remember a business suit- not a shiny Sunday suit. Go for the clean, neatly manicured look. I’m a Realtor and frequent mortgage professionals all the time– for what its worth.

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