How to get unsecured credit card with bad credit?

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    My credit score is pretty low its a 540. Mostly because i’ve had 2 repos in the last 4 years. One was my own and another was my wife’s that i co-signed on. Anyway i’m trying to rebuild my credit so that we can by a house and I was told that you need to have a credit score of at least 620 in order for the banks to even attempt to give you a home loan. I want to get an unsecured credit card without having to pay a deposit and all that. I was told that some banks do it but so far I haven’t found any. The reason i don’t want a secured card is because you have to put down a deposit and your credit is only as high as your deposit. Plus it doesn’t really help your score as much as an unsecured card does. I’ve never even had a credit card before in my life. Any help would be appreciated.

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