how much can a credit score raise?

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    my husband fell on hard times and a lot of accounts went into collections and now they have fallen off.

    all the collections have disappeared but currently showing on the credit report is :

    -one of the accounts were paid off and still shows on the credit report

    -one loan has been paid off

    -one credit card has been paid off and closed

    he has been approved and has received a credit card and they will use it responsibly, but current the credit score is 680 and it is estimated for the credit score to raise about 40 or 30 points.

    after a year or two with just this one credit card will a score raise? i would like to see him get over that 750 range, but this is his only revolving account right now. we are hoping to buy a year by early 2010. should he apply for another credit card in a few months? would that help with the credit score?
    how much can it raise in a year or two and will additional credit cards help the score within that time frame?

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