How hard would it be to convince my dad to buy a house near a different hs so…

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      …I don’t have to go to a drug one? Ok so here’s the situation, I’m in 8th grade now, 9th next year. I am set to go to a high school with a bad drug/ghetto reputation, hardly any of my friends are going there, AND the coach quit for the sport I’ve always wanted to do so I can’t do it now …… My dad’s job is he buys crappy little houses and makes them nice again then sells them, so he is always buying houses. Also, he is moving soon anyway. I want him to move near the high school that all my friends are going to, and also, it’s a much better school anyway. He is bugging me to do a sport or activity and there are way more at the school I want to go to. (and there’s some other reasons but I wont mention any more..)

      Do you think I have a chance at convincing him?????
      And he doesn’t even necessarily need to live in the house near there, just buy a super tiny little place just so I can put that as my address. He would just fix it up and sell it anyway after I graduate.
      I know that every school has stoners, but there are sooooooooooooo many at this school. There’s even a place called druggie woods next to the school where kids cut class to smoke weed

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