How do inquiries effect mortgage app?

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    I have been working really hard to get my scores up and all negatives off. *I have successfully gotten all collections removed and several derogs removed (have no charge offs, BK, or judgments). *Also, as part of my rebuild I added on several lines of credit in the past several months (Walmart $700, Cap One $1,000, Amazon $1,400, and Discover $3,000). *I also bought a new car recently. *I now have about 15 inquiries (most are from car loan rate shopping). *Now I am gardening in preparation for a new home. *Current scores below in sig line. *
    So, my question is this: *If I wait until all inquiries are 6 months old; I have no lates since 2009; I have no CA, CO, BK or judgments; and my scores are above 700 across the board, should I have any problems qualifying? *Or, should I wait until all inquiries are over a year old? *Will the inquiries really be an issue when applying for a mortgage if everything else is clean?
    Oh, I plan on going FHA – if that makes a difference.

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