How Do I Successfully Open My Own Bakery?

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    I am only a sophomore in high school right now but I am thinking about what I want to do when I grow up. I don’t want to grow up to sit in a cubical like everybody else. My dad told me that when he was younger, our town used to have a bakery. He just remembers his grandma buying him the best cut out cookies and walking home with them in a little brown bag. I thought about how great it would be to help people make memories like that. I have always loved cooking and baking at home for my family. I am willing to work extremely hard and I love running things and being in charge of things. I have been looking up online what I would need to run a bakery. Everybody keeps saying I don’t need any degree. I am not willing to just graduate from high school and throw all this money into a bakery to have it fail and leave me with debt and no degree! I am thinking of getting a bachelors degree in business, probably something like small business management or something. Then maybe I would take online classes to get some sort of pastry degree because I want some knowledge of baked goods. This way if, God forbid, this bakery doesn’t work out, I could get a different job. I was wondering what degrees I should get? I also want to know any other tips you have for me? P.S. I am not willing to relocate and I want to make a bakery in my small town that hasn’t had one since my dad was younger, so we are talking like 30 years ago!! Thanks for any input!

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