How do I manage my credit card debt?

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      I have for charge accounts. Three bank credit cards and one store charge account. The rough estimate of total credit card debt is about $ 20K. My minimum payments are about $ 150 per month. I opened up the latest charge account as a way to move money from a high percentage rate to a lower rate so I moved a couple of thousand from an old credit card account into the new account.
      I have a girlfriend so there have been some charges going back over the past twelve months that include expensive gifts for her, expensive dining, and weekends away.
      My parents sold the family home and moved into a retirement community. I have some money from that. I am splitting the money between supporting myself in a new apartment and trying to pay down my debt.
      What are some of the options that I have in my situation?
      I am currently working part time and hope to go full time in the new year. At this point, I am just making the minimum payments and every other month I try to double my minimum to get my balances down.

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