How can I improve my credit score quickly?

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    I have a 479 credit score. It sucks. I can’t do anything I want with my life to really improve a lot of things. How can I improve this quickly?
    Oh, I am 26 yrs. old….

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    Do this credit score test in link below. It gives you different scenarios on how a credit score rises and drops.

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    Hi ,

    Try to borrow money and pay it back quickly. The easiest
    is to open a mobile phone account.


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    You simply can not improve the score overnight people just fail to realize that what they can do to themselves financially in just a few months will haunt them for many years.

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    I know when i got my free reports for the year i started getting some calls from people… and you’re asked to enter your phone into the forms to get them… before that day i never got any calls, maybe just coincidence, but i don’t know how they’d suddenly get my number.

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    Harass you? You have a very odd attitude to your debts.
    You have defaulted on a credit facility and therefore owe money, and you should expect to be pursued for repayment.

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    How it all works:
    – When you get a credit card, that credit card informs the credit bureaus of your new address. Then collectors will know where you live
    – When you pay for your credit score, or get your three reports for free, your information will be updated on your reports

    Note: Never get the credit score that you have to pay for unless you get your three credit reports for free first. The three reports is truly what is important. Once a year you must review them and make sure that all the information is accurate.
    Annual Credit is where you get them at no cost.
    Since your address may not match, you may have to call the 877 number to get them by mail. They may also ask you to mail a copy of your dr lic to verify your address
    About the score that you have to pay for: If your address does not match the bureaus records you will get no benefit. You will pay for the score and not receive anything in return

    Careful with collectors. They can eventually sue you.
    With a judgement they can garnish your wages and come after your assets.
    You will not be able to get a credit card if you have collection items

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    It actually depends.

    The credit bureaus only report the information that is reported to them, so if you have not applied for any credit in a while it’s possible that the current information being reported by the bureaus is not correct anyway.

    And just so you will know you don’t just go out and get a credit score. Credit scores are something that take years to produce and are earned not simply given.

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    If you’re already in debt and over 30 days, you won’t have to worry about your credit score. A good score takes 24 months of activity.

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    They are going to find you anyways. That is their job.

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