How can I consolidate my debt and does anyone here knows a good debt

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      Good Luck

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      I don’t know about michigan, but forget the bank and go talk to a mortgage broker, the will tell you what you need to do, how much to save for a downpayment, and how to improve your credit, and they don’t charge anything untill you buy your house

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      The bank is not in the rental business.

      No bank is going to lend you money, you would find a hard time finding anyone willing to do that. But that is what you need to do, you will need to borrow money from your family and friends.

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      the best way is to talk to ur bank..
      good luck!!

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      You don’t NEED to get anything and with a credit score that low, that’s just what your going to get “nothing”. Banks don’t rent houses, they sell the REO’s they have to people that can afford them and to people that have a decent credit score to qualify them for a loan. 500-550 will not even qualify your for a cardboard box.

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      Accept the fact that it is not going to happen, no if’s and’s or but’s.

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      Some parts of Michigan have ALOT of foreclosures. Those banks just might carry a note for you. Do you have a good down payment? Also, are you willing to pay top dollar for the house – they’re not going to lower the price AND carry a note for someone with 500-550 scores.

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      management program? I signed up for Care one debt consolidation and I failed to make a payment because I am overdrawn on my checking account. I feel that this company shouldn’t have called me at all about the drp program because I have no assets.So, how can I get rid of debt and does anyone here know another debt mangement program company they use?

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      Be very wary of debt consolidation companies.

      They reduce your monthly payments by increasing the debt repayment period (which makes your debt MUCH MORE expensive in the long run).

      For this “service” they then charge a “management handling fee” which of course you can’t afford so they add to your debt (and charge interest on it) meaning you are going to be in debt for the rest of your life!

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