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    Hi All, I have viewed a house I am considering to buy and would like to your opinion on the garden.

    The garden slops downward quite a lot. There are bushes all around. The garden is shaped like a triangle where the pointy(narrow) bitis at the end of the garden.

    There are some mature bushes at the edges and a cherry tree in the middle and apply tree near the side with further bushes at the end.

    There is a small patio area near the patios door from the living room.

    There is lawn too.

    Any advice how I can make this look better and would it cost a lot of money to get it lanscaped.

    I am not a big gardening person but willing to learn…


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    It might be good to terrace the garden. If it is not too big you might try a raised bed garden. Or another thing you can do is to leave grass strips every so many feet to help prevent it from washing. Just be careful if you leave grass strips as far as how you mow it. I’d recommend using a bagger so you don’t spread weed seeds on your garden.

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    Deck it all.

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    A sloping site is ideal for a water garden with streams and waterfalls. There will be lots of books about how to go about constructing one at your local library, or ask the librarian to get one in for you.

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    from what I’m picturing in my head, perhaps a terraced (step) garden would work… or possibly raise the sloped part up so that the entire garden is even, a raised bed would be easier, and inexpensive

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    You can’t just wave your hand and expect to have a wonderful garden.

    You need to find out what type of gardener you will be and what types and colors of plants you like.

    If you don’t plan to work in the garden often and will forget to prune and water your plants you need to have low maintenance types. Small flowers will not work as they need constant care and watering. They can die in a day or two if they are not watered properly.

    Large rooted plants that can withstand weekly watering and shrubs instead of flowers will be better for you.

    Uprooting large trees can cost you into the higher $100s. I pulled up a 40′ apple blossom and chose the fall months when it is cheaper. It cost me $800.00 for them to cut is down, pull up the roots and haul it away.

    As far as plants are concerned I think you would do nicely with Hostas, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some do flower during the seasons.

    A Rose of Sharon might do well for you if you like color.

    There are many evergreen shrubs that will change color and keep their green even in the harsh winter, depending on where you are located as well.

    I think you need to make of list of the following then look online for flowers and plants within your calling.

    1. zone (climate where you are located)
    2. sun (will they be in direct sunlight or partial shade or full shade)
    3. how often will they be watered.
    4. size of plants you want to plant (some flowering bushes can grow to 10′ high and wide)
    5. do you want evergreen or disciduous (plants that loose their leaves in the frost)
    6. do you want color in the leaves (some bushes range from blue to red to orange to greens and yellows)
    7. do you want flowers or flowering bushes and trees.

    Landscaping can lead to alot of money, I have twice landscaped my back yard which is only 20×20 foot.

    After I removed my tree and bushes (the lawn died on its own)
    I had planted two evergreen bushes (scuplted pines), one cherry willow, two creeping ivies, one lilac, grass and red mulch that trimmed the yard, black rubber trim to separate the grass from the mulch. this totalled $3500.00.

    The second time they came was to plant more grass, plant a hydrangea, replant on of my spruces, uproot the lilac. that cast me $1500.00.

    look for low maintenance plants, shrubs, flowering shrubs, evergreen plants, small trees (do you want fruit or flower)?

    so beware

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    That’s my situation.

    But I installed a fence to keep my shepherd in, so what people see from the outside is limited.

    I keep a veggie garden and it can be tough on a slope, but great to grow vines and for drainage! So I plant everything in raised boxes.

    If you want a terrace, BBQ spot, you’ll have to build a leveled platform and add a step or two. Go to Lowes’ website. They have a great planning tool and videos, instructions, etc to show you how to do it

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