House burned down, Insurance timeline questions.?

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      3 months ago I woke up went downstairs and the house was on fire. The fire departments came put it out but my house was cedar and nothing was left… I called the insurance they came out right away. They were all really nice helpful people and said once the fire report came back, I turned in my contents list, and all the paperwork was completed I would get a check for my policy limits since it was a total loss. Well 2 months later and the fire department returned no phone calls, never filed a report, and since its volunteer nobody was ever at the station the insurance sent out their own investigator. The insurance sent me an advance for $ 5000 so that helped out. After about 2 weeks his report came back and said there wasn’t enough of the house left to tell what started the fire. Its been another 2 weeks and I still haven’t heard anything from the insurance.. I have a full replacement policy. How much longer should I wait? I don’t want to get a lawyer at all but I don’t wanna be at their mercy and wait forever to move on with my life…. It sucks paying a mortgage for 3 months and for an apartment and not knowing how long this will go on…. The insurance has been very nice to me and always answers all my questions but keeps saying, oh it shouldn’t be much longer.

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