Have you ever deal with a listing agent that is hard to get in contact with?

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    Who has ever had to deal with a listing agent who never return phone calls. My listing agent *found out that getting the listing agent response was best through emails. *Then latter on wouldn’t return emails, but did return text message. *Please don’t think we were harassing or sending some extreme amount of emails. *When submitting a back up offer on a short sale we had questions on the paper work(PLEASE note that I did try to call the listing agent multiple times *before the house went pending). *When the listing agent updated my agent that the bank countered offered (same price as my offer) the first buyer and we could expect to be able to submit offer real soon. *Then we found out the first buyer counter offered. * We tried to get of hold of the listing agent for explanation on the short sale process (that whole another long story on why short sales are a nightmare). * Yes we would get some info from listing agent from time to time, but could never get straight answer or clarification. *My agent even had to start texting the agent, when we noticed how her email came from iphone *to get a response. *My listing agent didn’t want to come across mean or harassing the agent, because she and I understood that the listing agent has all the power and if she is mad at us, then our offer probably would go in the trash. *
    We didn’t not bug the agent each week or month during this 5 month process. *Only in the beginning on trying to get clarification on the paper that had to be submitted (never did get clarification) and only in the last 3-4 weeks of the short sale process.
    Who as ever heard of a listing agent that never returned a phone call (well my agent did talk one time on the phone in a *5 month period).
    A listing agent who would take days at a time or not even return email. *Example My agent sent email on Monday and then sent another on a Wednesday ( with new question on top of the first email) by that Friday still no answer. *My agent called Friday (voice mail said she sick and to contact that other person that I assume is her husband – also a realtor) *He actually answered his phone, but had to refer back to his wife since he didn’t know any information. * *
    Please understand there is a lot more to this story – I am just trying to give the highlight and see if other people have come across agents that they have been frustrated with. *

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