Have I Ruin My Credit Rating?

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      Hi all

      Can you ruin your credit rating but applying to a 5 banks for a credit card at the same time??
      I was applying for my second card Online and for one bank I kept accidently putting in the wrong information in so obviously I kept applying now they keep refusing me a card.
      I have never missed a payment But since I have accidently done this not realising what I was doing and the affects it would have on my credit score would this permanently ruin my credit rating??
      What can I do to improve it?
      Do I need to contact someone?
      How long do I need to leave it?

      The last card I applied for is the 26th august
      Thank you for the answers so far they have really help reasured me.
      I will leave it 6 months and see how it goes, Im so glad i havent ruined it, That was my biggest worry

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