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      I have a CC account with Chase that was “closed by credit grantor” due to delinquencies that accured in 2010. At the time that the account was closed I owed 5k on it and I have been making consistent payments on it ever since. I now have 2k left on the account and I am in good standing but I would like to have the past baddies removed if possible. I was successful having another Chase account removed but it was completely paid off and only had 30×1,60×1, 90×1. Also, Chase just deleted the entire trade line so I am not sure that they can or will do that with an account that is still reporting monthly payments. This account still has 2k left on it and has 30×4, 60×1, 90×1, 120X3.
      Is it possible to have baddies GWed away on an account that I am still paying off?
      Has anyone had a current open account modified through GW?
      What are my chances of having luck with this?
      Thank you for any help! I have a baby on the way and need a reliable car!

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