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    Hi All,
    I owe some back child support to San Diego County which I pay every month, but on my Equifax credit report I’ve been dealing with issues of duplicated accounts for over a 1yr now. I have 2 accounts with San Diego and for about a 1yr just one of them was duplicated. I have submitted dispute after dispute, called Equifax, faxe proof to Equifax, called San Diego, and nothing has changed. About a month ago I had Equifax and San Diego on a conference call trying to get this fixed. San Diego has had me fax a copy of my report to them multiple times showing the duplicates and they say they are submitting for them to be removed, but Equifax says the response from the disputes just say the accounts are being reported correctly and nothing changes until about a month ago when after disputing the duplicate, the other account magically shows up as a duplicate as well so at this point I have 2 accounts, but it reflects 4 on my account. I disputed again only for the dispute to end yesterday. So I ran my report and get this, one account is now on there 5, yes 5 times and the other twice for a total of 7 accounts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been going on for over a year now. Does anyone have any advice for me???? PLEASE HELP!!!!

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