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    I was looking at this FingerHut catalog my father had one day that comes in the mail once in a while and I seen that you can get items from their catalog or online and have to pay monthly payments. I think it sounds like a great idea for a company to do that, to a certain extent. I was wondering does anyone know if buying items from FingerHut helps improve your credit by paying your payments on time? And yes I know that they report you to the credit bureau if you don’t pay them their money that you agreed to pay for the item you want. For extra information, I am 19 and would love to establish my credit early in life so I can get my own house in the future, but I need some ways that are easy to do and build it up from there. Also, I am a very responsible person and I can make monthly payments. So, again, I ask, does buying items from FingerHut improve your credit?

    Thank you to whoever reads my question and answers it to the best of their ability.




    Well, according to similar old questions on here, Fingerhut is a reputable company, but their stuff is overpriced and they charge a lot of interest.

    So yes, it probably would be a way to build your credit, but possibly an expensive way compared to some other options.

    This page has some other ways you could build your credit that might be better ideas:

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