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      I did a lot of searching of the boards, trying to find info on whether authorized users of a Discover Card will have that usage reported to the various CRAs.* Some of the search responses indicated that an AU, with NO DOB or SSN info, did in fact show the Discover Card as a TL on their report.* Others indicated that they had not.* Very confusing.* I’m inclined to believe that the AU showed on the PRIMARY CARDMEMBER report, but not necessarily on the AU’s report.*


      So I added my children as AU on my Discover account and sent a message to Discover to find out what their position was.* Here is the response I received today: *


      Thank you for your message about adding someone to your Discover Card account. I appreciate your interest in adding your children to your account, and I am happy to explain how this process works.

      You may add someone to your account either as an Authorized Buyer or as a Joint Cardmember. An Authorized Buyer can use your account but is not liable for the balance (does not report to the credit bureau). Authorized Buyers cannot request major changes to the account, and they may be removed from the account at any time.
      On the other hand, a Joint Cardmember can make any changes or requests on the account that you can and is equally liable for the balance (reports to the credit bureau). A Joint Cardmember must qualify to be on your account through an application process by mail. After the person is added, neither Joint Cardmember may be removed from the account. You may also only have one Joint Cardmember on the account with you.

      If you would like to add a Joint Cardmember, please reply to this message so I may send you the appropriate application to your billing address.
      If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this message.


      So, from this message, it appears that my kiddos won’t be receiving the benefit of being an AU AND having it report to the CRAs, unless I change their status to Joint Cardmember.* And it appears that they have to QUALIFY to be on the account; I’m reading that to mean that there will be a hard pull on their data, but unfortunately, neither child has a FICO report, since they have no credit accounts at all.*


      As a sidebar to this, it would appear that with AMEX, the opposite is true, since they asked for DOB and SSN for both of the AUs and CLs can be set by the primary account holder (me) for their liability, meaning that AMEX WILL report to the CRAs.*

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