Debt settlement company and Debt Summons. I received a debt summons 4 days a go for a debt i owe.?

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      i decided to call to negotiate with the creditors attorney and they do not want to negotiate anything less than a few hundred dollars the original amount is like 1700. I wish i could pay it off but i have no job since 6months now and i even had to drop out of school, since i cant afford school fees.. I called a law firm called dargon law firm in NH(their wdbsite is dargonlaw .com), and they say they would take over my case for a fee of $ 375 and what they do is basically negotiate with this creditor.I mean i can barely afford that but if this law firm can help me this way then i will like to take care of things this way. I just dont know if its right or wrong. The creditors sent me a summons that i need to respond in less than 3 weeks and i know i have to file a response, but dont even know whta type of response. After speaking to this law firm they said if they take over the case, i wouldnt worry about having to go to court anymore, since they would be able to negotiate the debt. They basically negotiate per every hundred dollar i owe. Thats what the lawyer said. Has any of you heard about them before.??
      Sorry this is long but i am so confused and would appreciate any help i can get. I was about to sign some docs and fax my summons over to this debt settlement companylaw firm but i wanted to ask your opinions first. I also consulted some other lawyers and they kept telling me to ignore th summons , some told me to respond, but if i hand over my case o this company i dont need to respond right??
      thanks for all the responses, i really appreciate your help.

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