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Credit Score, how to raise it from 533 to 620?

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    Can having a bank account in good standing help raise the credit score? Also can making more than the minimum amount on a credit card raise it as well?



    Having a regular bank account in good standing does nothing for your credit score, since no CREDIT is extended to you. Also, paying more than the minimum will help, but not 90 points worth of help. It will take about a year or two to raise a score by that much. There is no quick way to raise a credit score…the system is designed to punish people for years when they screw up their credit.



    having a bank account does nothing for your score unless it is a bad bank account sent to collections Making a larger payment could work if it lowers the balance enough because they use a formula based on amount of credit line and the actual amount you are using



    1. Pull your 3 major credit bureaus from Make sure everything is yours, everything is current and correct including your personal information. Dispute any inaccuracies or anything past the statute of limitations.

    2. Make a list or spreadsheet of everything negatively affecting your score.

    3. If you have open credit card accounts, keeping them below 15% of their top limit will help improve your credit score.

    4. Try to negotiate pay for deletes with any collection agencies. It’s often a long shot but some will be willing to delete if you pay them.

    4. The most important thing is time. There is no instant credit score improver, just time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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