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      i have 1 credit card with capital one and it is only a $ 500 limit. ive had this card since 2005 and have consistently paid on time and it is about to have a 0 balance and yet i never can seem to get a limit increase. i had trouble early on being young and in college i had about 5 credit card all with low balances around 200-400 each all maxed out but were paid off yrs ago and closed. is there any way i can get a limit increase on this capital one card or a bank that will allow me to get a card with a higher limit? i don’t really need a high limit card for purchases as i learned my lesson from my early mistakes as a 20yr college student with no knowledge on how credit really works, my main reason for wanting 1 or 2 new cards with limits in the 2,000 -5,000 range is so that i can improve my credit rating. i currently have around $ 35,000 in student loan debt and only a $ 500 capital one credit card so my score is low (569) and one reason is due to the credit to debt ratio. i do not own a house or anything like that. im now responsible 26yr old who works 2 jobs and pays bills on time every time and my credit score has gone from 330 to 569 in about 2 yrs of diligence and paying off my debts. i would appreciate advice on what i should do about my credit limit and or credit score. i am currently enrolled in the care one debt management program for a few collections accounts i have and i am enrolled in a credit monitoring site so i can see everything on my credit. i want to be able to buy a house in a few yrs so im trying to fix my credit! thanks!

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