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    My license got stolen last week and i reported it with my town police. I found out a few dayss ago someone used my license number at a store to purchase items with someone elses credit card. But now its a huge mess, cause they have my license number in their receit with that stolen card. Thinking it was me. What should i do? I already reported it to the police. But does anytone know what usually happens in this situation and whats the odds of catching the criminal.

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    Checking yourreport through will not affect your score. If you look at your own credit it is called a “soft” pull. If you are applying for credit, i.e. car loan, credit card, mortgage and the creditor checks your credit that is a “hard” pull and does affect your credit.

    You cannot get a free credit score you always have to pay.

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    You will ruin it.

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    Your own inquiry will not affect your credit score. You should request it from the three credit bureaus, Experian, Equipax, and Transunion. The cost is $ 7.75 dollars for each of the three.

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