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    We have been told our loan is approved with 2 conditions. The first one is odd. 5 months ago I sold my home in a different state ( it had been vacant for a year) and I decided to sell it for a loss and pay the difference out of pocket. We had a large amount to pay to close….so we used our savings and a gift from my mother. Condition 1 Provide a check copy of the amount to close the old property along with the bank statement where it came from. Done last Friday…now over the weekend the lender said I have to get a gift letter and copies of my mothers check to me and her full bank statement showing that check clearing. Mom is ticked… Extremely private with personal information and thinks this is ridiculous. But is going to do this for us tomorrow. So this condition is done! Condition 2 Provide an updated certificate of va eligibility. This cannot be done until we close on our current house on 2/20. Va has told us they will give us the updated certificate on 2/21 as soon as we fax them the HUD statement from closing. Question??? Will the lender give us a clear to close with the va certificate as the last condition? We have an early move in clause with our builder with a letter. Our horrible broker says no… But I have heard others will. We are moving out next weekend and now have storage and hotel costs because of this. Please….any advice from the mortgage experts would be helpful.

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