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    I have spent my last 2 weeks studying about debt related problems and solutions. After going through all option I feel I can go for either a debt management or a debt settlement program as I am sinking into debt. I have almost lost my standing. One of my friends told me about cesi debt management, is cesi debt management worth trying?

    I am sure there are other companies like Cesi debt management who can help me with this, can you suggest me few? Also do let me know if you know how I can earn more money from internet, blogging and other things. I am planning to write about debt management findings. Whatever I am learning about debt management I will right about it?

    Please help me with debt management and debt settlement companies.

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    A good firm would be this one :
    They are an Experian company, if they take you on you are safe with them.
    I don’t know Cesi, sorry. But if in doubt, online scammers can be spotted immediately.
    They are NEVER Verisign approved and they are NEVER BBB approved.
    in other words, when on a site and not sure about it, look for a Verisign or BBB logo.
    If found, click on them. If they lead to the Verisign and BBB sites and on those sites there is an entry about the site you are worried about, then they are legit.
    If there is no working logo back to those or any other reputable Business Bureau sites then walk away.

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    Chick the web

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