can i buy a house while i’m still married but seperated for 2years? but…

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    …not legally seperated? my name is on the deed to the house my wife is living in but not on the lease or loan. i was forced to leave and i’ve been living in an apartment for 2 years. my name is on the lease to my apartment and so are the utilities. can i buy a house without my wife having any ownership to it? Thanks, Mark!

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    you can if you have a big ass attorney who can make sure that your wife dont get your stuff. even though you are seperated she can still be a “witch” and try to lay claim to it. that is why there is legal seperation. i mean come on dude. if a lady can win the lottery and be legaly seperated and he still gets half of her winnings i am sure they can do the same with a house. become legaly seperated and then look into it about her not being able to touch your home if you decide to divorce later on in the future. and also make sure that it is bought with money that you have made with you both not in the same household. also you say that your name is on the deed to the house but your wife is living in it. if you owned if before marring her. then you can keep the house. it happened to a family member of mine. she moved into his home that he got in a previous marriage and he still got to keep if because it was his home before they married!!
    that might work for you if its that situation!!! get a good attorney or get the information your self from a legal library!!

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    Yes you can. Make sure she can’t skew things though to be like, “I deserve some of the house as I lent him money *lie*” etc.

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    I wouldn’t recommend it. She could potentially ask for half of it as part of the divorce. I suggest you get the divorce done first.

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