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    I’m hoping to move to the U.S. in the next couple of months.How will I be able to build credit being a new immigrant.The first thing I have to do is buy a car,will finance companys give me loans or will I just have to buy a car outright and build credit through my bank.Any tips are greatfully appreciated.

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    first in order to build credit one must obtain a social security number, that links the person to the score…assuming you’re getting one of those, then honestly the car thing, if you have no credit, getting a car could work, in the states car dealerships approve almost anyone to get the sale, the interest rate might be higher, but it will establish a starting point…then try a credit card, from a big provider like chase or bofa or wells make the payments on time and you should be good!

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    A car might be difficult to pull off. You should try finance furniture or jewelery.

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