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    i have the amex fidelity rewards card so get 2% back in cash on everything. *there aren’t a lot of cards that compete with this one but i would like to get a good visa/mastercard since amex isn’t usable everywhere. *i don’t carry balances so i don’t care about the APR on cards. *a few i have looked into:


    1. chase freedom – categories are great quarterly and i feel like this one could at times actually be better than my amex

    2. capital one venture – great travel benefits, but really it is exactly the same as my amex card is (2% back, just you get that 2% in cash towards travel instead of actually cash), and this card has an annual fee and my amex does not

    3. citi foward – i spend a lot in restaurants/bars but this card doesn’t offer a lot of versatility otherwise


    i am kind of leaning towards chase freedom of those three. *is there any other card i should consider and/or which of these listed do you think is the best card?

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