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    …or on the phone? Now or later? I’m applying for two different credit cards; one which I will use for everyday purchases because it has a 3% cash back reward, and another that I will only being using to pay off a few K that I still owe on my car. I plan to use a card that has 0%APR for the first 15 billing cycles. I will be able to pay off the $ easily in those 15 cycles. I applied for the one with 3% cash back just now online, and would like to go ahead and apply for the 0% APR card now as well. Questions:
    Will applying for two cards in such a short amount of time look bad on my credit?

    Am I more likely to get approved if I apply online or via the phone?

    Will applying on the phone get me approved faster than if I apply online?

    Background info: I don’t know my credit score, but I do have two other credit cards. The major card is paid off in full every month. The other is a small store card that I used at Christmas for a TV purchase. I have 18 months to pay it off at 0%, but make monthly payments

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