Applying for a Credit Card as a College Student?

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    I was just declined for a credit card. I have a good credit score and do have established credit already.

    When I asked why I was declined, the reason was because I have a car loan in my name, and my rent was too high in combination with how much I make (I work part-time). However, my parents pay my rent and my car loan.

    My question is – how do other students get credit cards? Almost everyone I know has one. What do the students do that have an apartment? So their “debt to income ratio” is probably quite high, since students don’t make that much.

    I don’t get it. Should I lie on my application about how much my rent is (that I don’t even pay anyway)? He said that even though my parents pay my rent, the car loan was holding me back from receiving a card. Does that mean I can’t get one as long as the car loan is in my name??

    I work at a dog kennel that is family-run, so they just pay me off the books. Could I just lie on my application about how much I make so that my debt to income ration would be better?

    Thanks for any advice

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