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    I was at Target today and decided to apply for the Target Debit card to take advantage of the 5% savings. I let the woman at checkout know that I wanted the debit card NOT the Red card. I verified a few times during the app process that the application was for the debit card and was assured that it was. Well I guess this woman had no idea what she was doing because I ended up with the Target Red Card with a 600 limit!!!*I guess since I already took the hit I might as well keep the card but I’m still very annoyed that this happened!!! OK…Vent over*:smileyhappy:



    On a brighter note I hit the luv button on my GEMB cards today and got some nice CLI’s


    Old Navy went from 300 to 750

    Walmart went from 800 to 1100

    Sams went from 900 to 1650


    I was thinking of closing Walmart since I can use my Sams card there as well but I love the monthly free FICO so I guess I’ll keep it!

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