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    I recently was approved for an $800 Amazon Store card. However, I wanted to get an item that is $1,600. The item in question is equipment for my Audio class. I guess my question is, can I use my card for 12 month financing on this item? Or does the $800 credit limit mean I can’t.*


    I would easily be able to pay off the equipment in 4-5 months (I’m very responsible, and have the means to pay it off). In fact, normally I would just save some on the side. But it would be more ideal to get the equipment now.


    *But I guess I just don’t understand what the Credit limit is in relation to the 12 month financing program they have going on. I’m assuming the $800 credit limit means I can only use it for something that is $800. But then what is the 12 month financing progam? Basically, I can only buy something for $800 and have 12 months to pay it off?

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I checked out with my card selected and it said “Financing applied”. So I assumed that it would let me do the 12 month financing on the $1,600 item. But then I just cancled the order, becuase I wanted to make sure before I did anything. *

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