18 year old starting to build a credit score?

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    I will be 18 in less than a week. I want to start off well with my credit score. Any tips? I have parents I can put as co-signers. They don’t have such great credit score themselves. I don’t have a job. I will go to college but not sure which one right now. So I have a few questions about raising my credit score.

    1. If I get a credit card and never use it, will that still increase my credit?
    2. If I get a loan and pay for it on time, will that increase my credit?
    3. If I piggyback my parents, but they don’t have the perfect credit, will that affect me negatively?
    4. What did you do when you were young that you would warn an 18-year old not to do, etc.? (please think of me as your own child when you give me advice =)

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