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I was pre-approved for a loan and found a less expensive one. Can anyone tell me the estimated closing costs for a home at this price?
The home is located in Pennsylvania
The taxes are $ 1697 per year
The estimated homeowners insurance is $ 480 per year.
Does anyone know anything more about this.
Serious answers please.

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    Professional Peon
    August 30, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    I would estimate 3% of the purchase price so AROUND $ 1900-$ 2000. That’s the easiest way to guestimate.

    Plus the taxes and insurance so around $ 4200 plus your down payment.

    Here is a list from bankrate it shows the fees that can be charged, I looked at it and it shows fees that PA doesn’t require (but are optional) like attorney fees. And some places will not charge things like processing fees and underwriting fees if they do all the work in house, they may just charge a documentation fee or something similar.

    Good luck!

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