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I just refinanced a home loan of $ 340,000 with a very good rate. But I was wondering if I paid too much in fees. The total estimate is $ 2800, there was a non-refundable application fee of $ 495, a processing fee of $ 495, and an underwriting fee of $ 295. In addition, the title insurance fee was $ 625, and the escrow fee was $ 550. I am in Los Angeles County.

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    Dana R
    December 18, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    Did you refinance through your bank or through a mortgage broker? This would make a big difference. Also was it just to get a better rate? I can tell you off the bat that the processing fee and underwriting fee are charges that a bank or broker would charge for themselves. The insurance and escrow fees are inevitable and are things that are required to be paid regardless. The application fee sounds like a bit of a rip off to me. I think they charge you that so you won’t want to go anywhere else. Next time, you might want to refinance with someone who isn’t going to charge you this. They just want to make sure you feel like your stuck and won’t go looking around for a better deal. Altogether $ 2800 isn’t that bad. Some people charge a LOT more. You did ok.

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    December 18, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    you got a deal my friend not even 1%

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    George L
    December 18, 2012 at 3:13 pm

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