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I have incurred over 100k to keep my business going when times got tough my business now takes care of its own and i break even barely the card payments are killing me even though i am making them regularly i am sick of playing balance transfer and if my business suffers or slows down i am in trouble my question is what do i need to do to settle with card companies and what effect will it have on my business can they put a lien on my business i am sole proprietorship no corporation should i incorporate if i am gonna do debt settlement any feedback woud help thanks.

1 Thought on credit card debt settlement and owning your own business can card comapnies put a lien on your business?
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    November 12, 2011 at 4:44 am

    You cannot enroll the credit cards that are in the name of your business unless the business has wound up/shut down. Debt settlement mainly works for personal credit card debt. The one exception being a sole proprietorship business (as you are personally responsible for the business debts as well)

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