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I am a 23 year old college graduate currently interested in joining the navy. I graduated from a private school in NJ with a bachelors degree (double major in political science/communication)– I fully intended on going directly into law school after I completed my bachelors. My dad passed away while I was in college and my mom and I are losing our house because we cannot afford to pay the mortgage. I do not have money to pay back my student loans. I am single and am looking to travel the world; to put it bluntly, I am trying to get away from my past life while starting a new life/career for myself. I have always spent my time on the water and understand that the navy offers plenty of benefits and I have a couple of questions.

Will the navy pay for my previously accrued student loans?

If I did join the navy, could I join as an officer, and if so, how much money would I make as an officer?

After my four years of service, would I be able to attend law school with financial assistance from the navy? Ideally I would like to work on law/business while in the navy as an officer, and attend law school after. I am wondering if this is an option?

I am at the crossroads in my life right now and am doing a lot of research. I would appreciate it if someone could help me out with my predicament. Thanks. -tom

PS forgot to mention I graduated college with honors (cum laude) if that means anything.

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