Can I get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan without a pull of my credit?

I had been pre-qualified (or pre-approved, they never told me which) back in May 2008. I had a letter which stated I was pre-approved for a mortgage loan, and I started looking for a home.
The letter expired in September, and before it did, I called the lender to get it extended. They said I would have to re-apply.
I don’t want to get either a prequal or pre-approval done again if they’re going to pull my credit and lower my score again. If I find a home within a few months, then I expect to have my credit pulled once more when I actually apply for the loan.
Are there any lenders that pre-qualify without pulling credit?

7 thoughts on “Can I get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan without a pull of my credit?

  1. If you are not prepared to purchase a house why are you going through all the trouble of getting pre-approved or qualified to purchase a house.

    When you know you are ready then you should to to a mortgage broker to get pre-approved.

    You are wasting a lot of people’s time as well as yours by going through the motions each time you get a spare minute on your hand and you now decide that you want to see if you are still pre-approved for a mortgage.

    It take approximately 2-3 weeks to get pre-approved. In some instances it could be less if you are able to get all the documents required. After which you then can find a real estate agent to assist you in finding a property to purchase.

    In order to get pre-approved for a mortgage it is required a credit report be obtained on you and anyone else that will be on the mortgage with you.

    Normally if you are looking for a mortgage and it is done within a certain time frame you will not lose any credit points. Doing it the way you are doing it cause you to loose credit points. That is spreading out your pre-approval dates more than 30-45 days.

    I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.

    “FIGHT ON”

  2. No. Pre-qualifying requires having your credit pulled. Don’t believe everything Brokers throw at you.

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